October 16, 2014
Stevie Wonder Expecting Triplets With 25-Year-Old Fiancée [Report]

Stevie Wonder is about to be a father yet another time, and that's not all. According to outlets, Wonder and his 25-year-old fiancée Tomeeka Robyn Bracy are expecting triplets. If this report is true that means Wonder will have fathered 11 children.

The original report comes from The National Enquirer, so we would say take this one with a grain of salt but crazier things have happened. As if triplets wasn't a lot to swallow, apparently Wonder and Tomeeka already have a secret child together from last year.

According to a source, the couple moved in together in their Los Angeles home where they're taking care of the baby they already have. "Stevie and Tomeeka had their first child together last year. I know because I attended the baby shower!"

Despite the possibility of welcoming triplets at 64-years-old, the musician is reportedly excited about the news of his three new additions to his growing family.

"Stevie never thought he'd be a father again so late in life. It may not have been planned but now he's excited! It's all happened very, very quickly. Stevie and Tomeeka met and fell in love instantaneously!"
Although he's fathering a child later in life and has a busy schedule as a musician, Stevie is not missing out on all of the important dates with fiancee Tomeeka. According to a source, he's been very hands on during her pregnancy.
"He's been going to all the doctor's visits and scans with Tomeeka. He actually can't wait until the birth. Stevie missed so much of his other children's upbringings, he's vowed to be there for their children and for his soon-to-be new wife."
His longest lasting relationship was to fashion designer Kai Millard Morris, whom he fathered two boys with. The couple were divorced back in 2012.

Stevie's oldest child is Aisha Morris, 39, and his youngest, excluding his first child with Tomeeka, is Mandla, who is 9 years old. His oldest daughter, Aisha, was the inspiration for the song Isn't She Lovely, while his youngest son shares a birthday with the musician.

Yolanda Simmons is mother to Aisha and Keita, while Kwame and Sophia's mothers are unknown. As stated, Kailand and Mandla is from his last marriage to Kai Millard.

So far we don't have an official statement from Wonder on the impending birth of his triplets. Additionally, we don't have any other confirmation about Stevie's engagement to Tomeeka either, so we're just going to have to keep our eyes on this one.

[Image via shalunts / Shutterstock.com]