Co-Workers Play Hilarious Prank On Weather Girl When She Wears Green Dress To Work [Video]

This hilarious video posted on Reddit Thursday shows how meteorologist Ericka Pino learned the hard way never to wear a green dress to work if your co-workers like to play pranks.

Pino wore a sleeveless green dress to work one day. Unfortunately for her, when she stood in front of the screen used for weather forecasts her body completely disappeared, leaving her head and arms floating on a screen showing a beach filled with sun seekers.

He colleagues decided to have a little fun at her expense, putting a hairy, speedo-clad, beer bellied dancing man’s body behind her. They positioned the man so her head appeared to be on his body.

The result, seen below, is laugh-out-loud funny.

Pino begin to suspect that something was amiss, and asked in English “What’s going on?” just before the picture was cut.

The clip has apparently been around for awhile but only recently gained attention when it was posted on Reddit on Thursday. According to Metro, it is unclear if it ever made it to broadcast but BuzzFeed posted a brief article and pictures in January of 2012 saying that it was an on-air gaff — and that Telemundo asked them to remove the video from their site at the time.

News shows aren’t always serious, such as this one reported by The Inquisitr recently about a weather man who held his coffee cup upside-down during a morning show broadcast to see if anyone would notice that he never has any coffee in it.

[Image via EShop Mall]