October 16, 2014
Joshua Jackson Says He's 'Not Religious' Enough To Marry Diane Kruger

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger have been an adorable red carpet couple for eight years now, but the two haven't walked down the aisle. The reason being? Well, according to Fringe star Joshua Jackson, it's because they aren't religious enough.

In an interview with Glamour, Jackson elaborated on his personal decision not to get married -- for now.

"We're not religious. I don't feel any more or less committed to Diane for not having stood in front of a priest and had a giant party."

Being a product of divorce seems to have weighed heavily on Jackson's deciding factor as well.

"We're both children of divorce, so it's hard for me to take marriage at face value as the thing that shows you've grown up and are committed to another person. But it may change at some point. We may get married."

It should also be noted that Kruger was once married to actor-director Guillaume Canet, before splitting after five years of marriage in 2006. Kruger told Glamour that this decision helped influence her thoughts on marriage and commitment. Now Canet is married to actress Marion Cotillard.

"I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There's no paper that will make you stay," said Kruger.

The former model-turned-actress told Metro about these views, and seemed very adamant.

"I'm not married and don't intend to be, and I never believed in love at first sight but I do believe opposites attract. I thought it was a sweet story."

As for opposites attracting, it seems like that's what happened when she first met actor Joshua Jackson. As The Inquisitr reported, the two had a disastrous first date. At the time, Jackson was nervous, and as a result, talked Kruger to death. If that wasn't enough, during the date the actress had an allergic reaction and sneezed throughout Joshua's long-winded talk. Luckily, she called him back, and it's been happily ever after ever since.

Jackson, now 36, said that even though he may never get married to Diane, he might be ready to have children -- or at least he's thinking about it. Of possibly parenting, Jackson told Us Weekly, "I mean, I'm at that age. I'm now at an age where my friends' kids like Dawson's... but they like it ironically."

[Image via Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]