John Edwards Charges Won't be Dropped

The charges against John Edwards will continue despite the former vice presidential candidate's bid for dismissal. Edwards said that the charges brought against him, which involve Edward's alleged use of political funds to hide his extramarital affair, are being driven by politics and not facts.

But U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles disagreed. Eagles rejected Edward's argument and said that the case would go to trial.

After a two-day hearing, Eagles said:

"These matters are better to be dealt with by the jury at trial."
Edwards was John Kerry's running mate during the 2004 election. Bloomberg reports that Edwards is being accused of using more than $925,000 in campaign contributions to conceal his relationship with Rielle Hunter.


Prosecutors also say that Edwards violated campaign law by accepting donations of more than $2300. During the 2008 election, individuals were allowed to contribute a maximum of $2300. Edwards allegedly accepted a donation of $725,000 from one person and $200,000 from another. Still, Edwards says that he did nothing wrong.

Edwards said:

"I know I'll get my day in court so that the people will hear my side. I did not violate the law and never for a second believed that I was violating campaign law."
The two-day hearing revealed that the massive donations made to Ewards came from millionaire heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon and Dallas-based trial lawyer Fred Baron.

In order to find Edwards guilty, prosecutors will have to prove that Edwards knew about the large checks and how the money was being spent.

Do you think John Edwards is guilty?