October 16, 2014
'Captain America 3' Spoilers: New Title Hints At Steve Rogers' Death

Captain America 3 news has been all the rage this week. Not only was it revealed that Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man would be appearing in the blockbuster, but it was also unveiled that it would revolve around Marvel comics' critically acclaimed Civil War series.

However, even more details have started to emerge regarding the hugely anticipated film, and according to Badass Digest, it will eventually be called Fallen Son. This movie's title alludes to the death of Chris Evans' Steve Rogers, who it is thought will go up against Tony Stark in the film.

Fallen Son hasn't actually been officially decided as Captain America 3's title by Marvel. It's also thought that Civil War is still being considered as well. Badass Digest's multiple sources have been throwing around the potential title Fallen Son though. While you could easily jump to the conclusion that Rogers will eventually die because of this moniker, it could simply mean that he will decide to hang up his shield at the end of the film instead. Or maybe the serum that has allowed him to turn into a superhero will finally run out, and he'll just turn back into the average man that he was at the start of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Currently, this is all just guesswork, but it's looking as though Captain America 3 will be Evans' last film as the character for a while. Rumors have suggested that by the end of Captain America 3, Evans' Rogers will be forced to sit out Avengers 3. This will allow a new superhero to join up with the beloved ensemble, while it will also means that Evans can make a triumphant return in another Avengers movie at a later date.

It's also believed that Avengers: Age Of Ultron is going to shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a devastating fashion. It's now been proposed that by the end of the hugely anticipated sequel, Stark will have decided to retire from The Avengers because of the destruction that Ultron has caused. However, it has also been teased by Movieweb that Captain America will retire from The Avengers at the end of Ultron too, and that he will set up his own crime fighting team as a result of the film's plot.

It sounds as if we will know more about the future of Marvel's cinematic universe at the end of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. But, either way, there's plenty to be excited about when it comes to the studio's future slate of movies.