October 16, 2014
Bad Lip Reading's 'The Walking Dead' Features Rapping 'Carl Poppa,' 'Glue Police' Daryl Dixon [Video]

Bad Lip Reading's latest The Walking Dead video turns the dark AMC show into a hilarious Comedy Central-worthy series that features conversations about glue police, French babies, and Jedi fountain bidets.

As MTV News points out, some fans of The Walking Dead might be disappointed by the lack of music in Bad Lip Reading's latest video. The wonderful word swappers recently wowed the internet by turning Chandler Riggs' once-despised kid character into a rapper named "Carl Poppa." Carl Grimes' surprisingly catchy tune, "Carl Poppa (La Jiggy Jar Jar Do)," featured a chorus of singing walkers, and apparently Carl sounds like Tom from Parks and Recreation when he sings.

Bad Lip Reading decided to create the full-length Carl Poppa music video after the short musical interlude in "MORE WALKING (AND TALKING) DEAD: PART 1 - A Bad Lip Reading of 'The Walking Dead' Season 4" proved to be a big hit with the internet. The first Walking Dead video also featured Beth singing about Mr. Potatohead and Hershel talking about his Slenderman undies.

Bad Lip Reading's second The Walking Dead video might not feature a sick beat, but Tyreese does try to sing a song about his greasy bean. At the beginning of the video, Daryl Dixon's turtle named Anthony makes an appearance while Rick tries to convince his friend that the "glue police" aren't a thing.

Glenn and Abraham get to know each other while talking about getting drunk and washing their butts in a Jedi fountain, and fans learn a tidbit of trivia worthy of Talking Dead: Glenn's favorite movie is Stargate. It's also revealed that Eugene has a magic kitten named crazy Bennigan, Hershel thinks he's a stagecoach robber, Crazy Lizzie is possessed by a demon, and Daryl Dixon has a weird way of hitting on Michonne. Oh, and Bob talks like Kermit the Frog.

The Dixonne baby-making moment was hilarious, but Bethyl fans might be sad that Daryl Dixon's blonde Anthony-hating pal didn't pop up in the second Bad Lip Reading video. However, it's possible that Beth Greene might show up on The Walking Dead soon.

As Undead Walking points out, it looks like Rick is going to stumble into Father Gabriel's church this week. Beth was kidnapped by a car with a cross on the back, so perhaps the priest knows where she is. However, as The Inquisitr previously reported, a trailer for Season 5 of The Walking Dead showed Beth in what appeared to be a hospital setting, not a church.

Actress Emily Greene also revealed that she shot a lot of scenes isolated from the other cast members, so a reunion might not be in the cards this week. However, it's still possible that the show will give fans a peek at where she is and how she's doing.

What do you think of The Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading videos, and do you think Beth will appear on the show this week?

[Image credits: The Walking Dead AMC/Facebook]