October 16, 2014
Spider! Tourist's Skin Invaded by 8-Legged Critter, Arachnid Digs Into Scar, Sets Up House Inside Man's Body [Video]

A spider inside a tourist's skin was misdiagnosed as an insect bite. Doctors failed to realize that the problem was actually an entire arachnid that had burrowed into a surgical scar and kept right on moving beneath the tourist's skin. Twenty-one-year-old Dylan Thomas of Bunbury, Western Australia was enjoying the vacation of a lifetime in Bali when he discovered a red trail on his stomach. He visited a local doctor who told him that he had been bitten by an insect. The doctor at Bali International Medical Centre prescribed antihistamine cream for the tourist and sent him on his way. Then things got worse, reported UPI.

When the trapped spider inside the tourist's skin caused a trail of blisters across his belly, Dylan Thomas went to a dermatologist. That's when doctors located and removed the small tropical spider that had entered his body via a surgical scar from an earlier appendectomy, reported Daily Mail. Thomas will have to wait to learn exactly what type of spider was lurking beneath his skin, the tourist's spider skin invader has been sent for testing and identification. Results are still pending, but the unlucky tourist is speaking out about the incident.

"It was a bit bigger than the size of a match head," Dylan Thomas explained. "It takes a lot to deter me, but I do feel violated. It was a very bizarre experience just to know something like that was in my body for a couple of days."

The shocking story of the spider inside the tourist's skin is a horrifying but true tale that arrived just in time for Halloween later this month. Thomas described the ordeal.

"Well after running tests and putting things inside my stomach they finally found out it was a tropical spider that's been living inside of me for the last 3 days, managed to get it out luckily."
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another interesting story about an unusual creature concerned a two-headed snapping turtle rescued by a kind woman who was helping a clutch of turtle hatchlings cross the road. When one of the tiny turtles fell behind the rest of the pack, Kathleen Talbot of Hudson decided to take a closer look. At first, she couldn't figure out what was special about the hatchling because it was encrusted in dirt. Thinking it had two feet in front, Talbot brought the unusual little critter home and rinsed off its coating of dirt. That's when she discovered that the reptile had two heads.

What would you do if your body was invaded by a spider? Tourists' skin is probably the last place anyone would expect to find one of the eight-legged critters, and that's what makes this creepy story particular disturbing. Comments are welcome.

[Image via Daily Mail]