‘Pacific Rim 2’ Rumors: Godzilla To Invade Kaiju Home World?

The Pacific Rim 2 rumors are back and battling with our expectations once more. An unofficial promo image has been revealed on the movie’s Facebook fan page… three years ahead of time.

The image may have been just a well-made Photoshop creation, but if it’s real, it may reveal part of the Pacific Rim 2 story, and a possible new battleground. In the first film, the Kaiju used a hole at the bottom of the ocean to enter our planet through the ocean. The image shows a group of ships heading straight for the center of a giant hole in the water, indicating it wasn’t a natural occurrence.

'Pacific Rim 2' rumors partly based on Facebook fan page image

The problem with the image is that it’s a large whirlpool and the ships should be circling it despite themselves, not heading straight in. The hole in the image indicates a possibly larger breach between Earth and the Kaiju home world, and Jaegers may be on their way to stop the monster menace on their own turf.

More Pacific Rim 2 rumors surround the eventual face-off between the Jaegers and the “king of the monsters,” Godzilla. Fans of both would undoubtedly love to see it happen, and it just might a few more years away. The Godzilla 2014 remake was made by Legendary, allegedly the same people behind the sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s blockbuster monster movie.

By 2020, we could end up seeing Pacific Rim 3 or Godzilla 3 with a crossover between the two franchises. Hopefully Jaegers will be made to withstand that level of abuse, since they had trouble taking out Kaiju the first time. Godzilla would probably eat Kaiju like fast food.

Details about Pacific Rim 2’s story are yet unknown, and the image released on Facebook could be nothing more than something fan-made. Guillermo del Toro is still planning to stomp theaters again with a Pacific Rim 2 release date sometime in 2017.

Are you excited about the rumors of Pacific Rim 2 bringing Jaegers to the Kaiju home world and a possible Godzilla crossover?

[Image via Recommanded Movies, Godzilla Wiki, Facebook]