Robin Thicke Hosts Divorce Party, Hunts Down Women With Leonardo DiCaprio

Robin Thick has apparently given up his efforts to win wife Paula Patton back and is moving onto a new phase of celebrating his being single.

Fresh off his official split with Patton, the “Blurred Lines” singer reportedly held a divorce party this weekend in Los Angeles, one that included some attractive women and a handful of famous guests.

Robin had spent the last few months groveling for his wife’s forgiveness, admitting his infidelity and substance abuse in a number of interviews and even devoting an entire album to winning her back. But after confirmation last week that Patton filed for divorce, Robin Thick appeared to change his tune.

Cosmopolitan shared some details of the racy divorce party.

“After partying it up at an LA nightclub, Thicke invited a ‘select group’ of, wait for it, models and other ‘attractive women’ back to his place, says Page Six. Leonardo DiCaprio, whose bro-dar goes off every time a group of more than six models are in one place (seriously, he’s a nightmare during fashion week) was apparently in attendance, as were actors Tom Hardy and Emile Hirsch. Thicke is described as ‘flirtatious’ and ‘in great spirits’ throughout.”

The party then moved to Thicke’s house in the Hollywood Hills, where details of the festivities were a bit hazier.

While Robin Thicke is embracing his divorce, Paula Patton has reportedly moved on to a new man. According to Radar Online, Paula has already started living with her new boyfriend, Zak Waters.

“Zak moved in with her a couple of weeks ago. They are very happy together and he treats her how she deserves to be treated,” shared a source.

Waters even posted proof of their cohabitation on Instagram, with a picture of Paula’s house that read: “My new pad.”

Robin Thick has also been connected to other women, with rumors that he and Katie Holmes were talking and trying to set up a date.