Carrie Ann Inaba Defends DWTS Judges on Twitter, Blames Herself for Wearing Red

Whenever Carrie Ann Inaba wears red on "Dancing With the Stars" something crazy happens. Inaba, and her fellow judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, are currently in an online yelling match with dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Some would say that the argument started after the judges gave a harsh critique of Maks' Monday night dance, but Inaba knows that it was more wardrobe related.

Carrie Ann Inaba told Access Hollywood:

"Okay, I'm going to tell you guys something funny. What happens is whenever I wear red something very strange happens. I'm serious, if you actually go back and look through shows for some reason when I wear red it makes people upset or myself I get upset or…it's strange."
The main conflict on "Dancing With the Stars" is between Maks and Goodman. Goodman tried to backup his judging opinion of Maks' dance with Hope Solo by saying that he had 50 years in the business, to which Maks replied "maybe it's time for you to get out." Maks also irked judges by claiming that DWTS "was my show," a comment that he later said was misunderstood.

According to CBS, the judges are also receiving criticism for dismissing Chaz Bono.

Inaba said on Twitter:

"FYI: Everyone has different abilities on DWTS. Every journey is unique to each contestant and everyone's ten looks slightly different. Another FYI: I forgive you because you don't know better- scores are locked in before we speak. So we have scored before any words spoken."
So the most important debate of the year continues... Who is the real jerk in this situation? Maksim Chmerkovskiy? Len Goodman? Carrie Ann Inaba?