October 16, 2014
Stacey Dash Wants United States To Establish Special 'Ebola Centers' In Every City

Stacey Dash is certainly no stranger to controversy. Dash's latest controversial comments come amid a growing Ebola scare here in the United States. The former Clueless actress wants the United States to set up special "Ebola centers" setup in every city in this country.

Stacey made the comments during an appearance on Fox News. According to UPI, Stacey added she didn't believe they should be letting people to into regular hospitals if they have Ebola. Dash believes regular hospitals are far too likely to allow the disease to spread.

Stacey Dash has a talk show on the right leaning network, and it was here where Stacey made her views known. Dash was hosting Outnumbered, where she and co-panelist Harris Faulkner were talking about the ways the U.S. was falling short of dealing with an outbreak. The U.S. has seen four people come down with the disease and the first U.S. citizen just died.

In addition to wanting these specialized Ebola centers, the panelists said it was finally time for the United States to have an official point person in the Surgeon General. Neither Dash nor Faulkner pointed out the Republicans has been holding up President Obama's nominee for the position for several months. Stacey and her cohorts did acknowledge this was no longer a political issue and a Surgeon General needs to be confirmed before the situation worsens.

In the history of comments Stacey Dash has made, calling for specialized treatment centers is low on the list of inflammatory. The actress has long claimed that her career was hampered because she is a Republican. She famously got a job with Fox News shortly after endorsing Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the 2008 election.

Endorsing Romney was far from the only thing Stacey has done in order to show her disdain for President Obama. Earlier this month, Dash claimed that under Obama, black people were "uneducated and worthless." The television and movie star claimed Obama wants black people to remain a lower class because they continue to vote for Democrats if they are.

While Ebola treatment centers don't sound all that silly on its face, the cost of those centers put up against the actual threat Americans shows there probably isn't a need for something that extreme. Of course, if the outbreak worsens to any real degree are then calling for these individual Ebola centers is going to make Stacey Dash look like a genius.