October 16, 2014
Ebola Fears Close Schools In Ohio And Texas

Ebola fears prompted the closure of multiple schools in Ohio and Texas. Classes were canceled on Thursday because some staff members and students within the district might have come into contact with an Ebola patient.

Solon City School District and Parkside Elementary School in northern Ohio decided to close today because a middle school teacher had traveled on the same airplane as Dallas Ebola victim and nurse Amber Joy Vinson. While the Ohio teacher was on the same plane as Vinson, they two were not traveling on the same flight.

Amber Vinson, 26, was traveling to the Cleveland area to plan her wedding, according to USA Today. She had helped treated Thomas Eric Duncan at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. An email issued by the Ohio schools closed due to Ebola concerns was sent to parents within the district on Wednesday evening. Hathaway Brown School officials in Shaker Heights also notified parents that the Dallas nurse had visited the home of a student while in town. The student was being kept home from school as a precaution.

Central Texas Schools are also closed today. The precautionary tactic was initiated because two students had traveled on the airplane to Ohio with Amber Vinson. Both of the Texas students will be kept at home for the next 21 days so their health can be monitored on a daily basis.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another Cleveland-area high school was thoroughly cleaned on Wednesday evening after district officials learned that a teacher might have come into contact with an Ebola victim. It is currently unclear if the possible patient was also Vinson. The district ordered the freshman class teacher at John F. Kennedy High School to stay home from school today.

The Ohio school building was reportedly cleaned with a bleach-based solution as per Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. School officials told parents that none of the students or staff were at risk, but the precautions and cleaning was initiated to thwart Ebola concerns "given the nation's heightened anxiety about the Ebola virus."

The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District announced late Wednesday evening that a relative of a Lake Pointe Elementary School student had been about the Frontier Airlines flight with the Dallas nurse as well. The family of the student will now be quarantined for 21 days to stop any potential spread of Ebola and to monitor the health of those inside the home.

Are you concerned about an Ebola pandemic developing in America? Should flight restrictions be mandate to stop the spread of the deadly virus?

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