Germany to Introduce CP Internet Censorship

Duncan Riley

Germany has announced that it will introduce compulsory Internet censorship starting in March.

The censorship scheme will block access to child pornography, and will follow a similar model to Norway, where the Government decrees a list of child pornography sites to be blocked by ISP's.

Germany Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen (pictured) addressed concerns that the censorship regime could exclude other content by confirming that it may be extended: "We must not dilute the issue. Child pornography is a problem issue and clearly identifiable. [However] you can not exclude what the federal government may wish to block in the future" (note, translation tweaked via Google Translate, so may not be perfect).

Notably the model does not go anywhere close to the proposed Australian Internet Censorship scheme, which will block pornography, adult games and "unwanted content."

(via Der Spiegel)