Nicole Richie: Friends Are Concerned About Her Drastic Weight Loss — Here’s Why!

Nicole Richie has dealt with a lot of criticism about her weight and overall appearance over the years, especially since the reality television star seems to constantly be featured under the spotlight.

However, recent reports confirm that her weight loss journey has taken a drastic turn, which has left some of her friends ‘extremely concerned‘ about her health, according to Radar Online.

According to Radar Online, one of Nicole Richie’s friends stated that her appearance right now is “really sad” due to her drastic weight loss.

“Nicole is so skinny right now and it is really sad. Her bones are protruding, and she keeps losing more and more weight.”

Some parents whose children attend the same school as Harlow, Nicole Richie’s daughter, are very concerned about her weight and overall health as well. One mother claimed that Nicole Richie seems to never eat food during any of the school functions that she attends.

“Every mom at The Buckley School is very concerned about Nicole’s weight. I don’t remember seeing her eat anything at the functions she attends for Buckley.”

Over the years, Nicole Richie has denied rumors and speculation that suggest she is struggling with an eating disorder, stating that it was “a little unfair” as well as “insulting and irresponsible” to draw that conclusion. In a May 2012 interview with Glamour, Nicole Richie was able to publicly express how she felt about her body and overall appearance.

“I feel great about my body. You know, aesthetically I can be picky, but I choose not to. I’ve taken huge leaps. I’m proud of that.”

There are some rumors and allegations circulating that point the blame at Joel Madden, Nicole Richie’s husband, not being able to manage her diet as closely as he has reportedly done in the past due to his busy work schedule, according to Yahoo! Celebrity.

“Joel has always tried to keep tabs on her diet. But since he’s gone so often, no one’s ever really sure how much she’s eating anymore. He is extremely worried about her. He tells her that she needs to focus on her health for the sake of the children, because they need their mother.”

The same report even claimed that Nicole Richie reportedly followed a diet that only included “celery, sunflower seeds, and chewing gum.”

What do you think? Is Nicole Richie’s drastic weight loss a major issue that needs to be addressed, or does she seem healthy and happy?

[Image Credit: Daily Hiit]