Bruce Jenner Transitioning: Olympian Had A ‘Bad Hair Day,’ Heckled Over Locks In Public

It seems like no matter what Bruce Jenner does, he can’t catch a break. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is in the midst of a divorce from Kris Jenner and has been accused of being gay, slowly transitioning in order to become a woman, undergoing several plastic surgery procedures, shaving his legs and wearing feminine garb. The latest news about Bruce is about his run-in with “haters” over the weekend. A report says Jenner was heckled in the public over his eye-catching new hairdo.

On October 16, In Touch Weekly provided coverage of the latest rumors about Kris’ estranged husband with a headline that read, Bruce Jenner heckled by hair haters in Las Vegas. It appears some in the public find humor in mocking the reality TV star over his bizarre and alleged transitioning quests to be more in touch with his inner-effeminate qualities.

Bruce traveled to The Strip Friday to attend Scott Disick’s scheduled appearance at 1Oak Las Vegas. Later, he joined Kourtney Kardashian and Scott for dinner at the Mirage’s Stack restaurant. Jenner, a divorced father of two girls — Kylie and Kendall — dropped the man-bun he stunned family with recently and debuted his shoulder-length hair at a recent Elton John concert. And based on accounts from tabloids, he was working his mullet like nobody’s business.

Although he was enjoying a private dinner with family members, Bruce Jenner’s weave was on full display; the funky-fresh do was styled in frizzy fashion. Witnesses describe his new hairstyle as “reddish-tinged extensions” that blew in the wind.

Suddenly, diners located at a nearby table — obviously enthralled by Bruce’s transitioning over the years — began chanting “Hair, hair, hair.” Apparently, they withheld their mockery until Bruce’s party exited the Vegas casino eatery.

Jenner took the high-road and killed his hair-hecklers with kindness. Instead of pulling a Kanye on the crowd, Bruce shook it off, and didn’t appear offended by the attention.

“Bruce flicked it, smiled, posed for photos, then left,” a source said.

Bruce has not confirmed or denied rumors about his sexuality at this time. However, one unnamed source recently said buzz about Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman are not all surprising. Supposedly, the 64-year-old expressed an interest to have a sex-change operation some twenty years or so ago. Moreover, with the divorce from his wife of 23 years, the source quoted Bruce as saying he can now do what he wants to do; Momager Jenner was rumored to be overbearing and allegedly stifled Bruce’s self-expression. Perhaps, the hair is his a show of liberation?

[Image via: Supr10]