Tennessee Woman Jailed For Neglecting Yard Work

A Tennessee woman was jailed for neglecting her yard work. Karen Holloway was initially sentenced to five days in jail. However, Judge Terry Vann later reduced the sentence to six hours. Although Holloway served her time, she believes the punishment was specifically harsh.

Authorities confirmed Holloway was warned on numerous occasions. As the unkempt lawn has been an ongoing problem, Judge Vann threatened more jail time if the issue is not resolved. He further ordered city officials to monitor the property for future violations.

Holloway said she feels like she is being bullied. She admits her “bushes and trees were overgrown.” However, she said the punishment did not fit the “crime.”

“… that’s certainly not a criminal offense… It’s not right… Why would you put me in jail with child molesters, and people who’ve done real crimes, because I haven’t maintained my yard?”

According to Holloway, she and her husband were simply too busy to keep up with the yard work. As reported by Examiner, Holloway and her husband both work full time. Holloway’s husband also attends school. The couple’s time is further limited, as they have several children and share one vehicle.

Although the yard was in obvious disrepair, Holloway said she is doing what she can to comply with the city code. The Tennessee woman never expected to serve time in jail for neglecting her yard work.

Don White, Public Safety Director for the city of Lenoir, confirmed Holloway is the first resident to be jailed for an unkempt yard. However, he said the property has been an eyesore for “12 or 13 years.”

“It’s just not fair to the other residents and we’re trying to make the city better across the board. We want it to be clean, we want it to be attractive, we want other people to move here.”

White is further concerned, as the overgrowth could cloak structural damage — which may be a safety hazard.

“If there’s rotted floors and the house hasn’t been maintained and there’s leaking roofs and electrical problems and if the house is so overgrown someone breaks a window and no one knows.”

WBIR reports that the Holloways purchased the home in 2000. However, the house remains unoccupied. Holloway said she and her husband planned to renovate the home and move in. Unfortunately, they do not have the time or money to complete the repairs.

The Tennessee woman spent six days in jail for neglecting her yard work. However, she said she is doing everything in her power to prevent future violations.

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