‘Batman V Superman’: Filming At Michigan State University Continues [Photos]

Dozens of Batman v Superman images of the filming currently going on at Michigan State University (MSU) continue to be posted to Twitter and other social media sites. The campus has been turned upside down and converted into a set, which has people super excited.

It has been relatively quiet in recent weeks, compared to the first phase of filming in the open in Detroit. We have seen Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) in action, filming scenes for Batman v Superman. We also got a glimpse at Henry Cavill in his Superman costume and as Clark Kent as well.

According to reports from our old friend The Bananadoctor, MSU’s Broad Museum is transformed into Lex Luthor’s home — confirmed by a source — and a scene involving Affleck, Gal Gadot, Holly Huner, and Tao Okamoto was being filmed on Wednesday, and will continue on Thursday. The crew has been working very hard to keep curious eyes away from the set, and all the scenes are apparently being shot indoors, with fans unable to get very close to the action.

Apparently students at MSU are just as excited as those of us who have been following this production from its inception and they took to Twitter to share what they saw.

Several Batman v Superamn extras were seen on Wednesday waiting for their turn to get in on the action. A casting call was put out by Disney a few weeks ago for a major scene that was being filmed on October 15 and 16. The extras were dressed in attire that supported the reports that there was a party going on, and we also saw wait staff to make it even more likely.

As you see, MSU is full of hustle and bustle this week. Batman v Superman is expected to wrap up its time in Michigan in the next days and move to Chicago and Plano in Illinois. The Inquisitr reported on Wednesday that sets are being built in New Mexico as well.

Have you seen the Batman v Superman cast and crew at MSU in the last few days? Share your experience below.

[Image via Movie Web]