October 16, 2014
Wiz Khalifa And Future Allegedly Bashed Their Exes After Getting DUMPED -- So How Did The Ladies Respond?

Wiz Khalifa and Future have both been less than true to the love interests in their lives.

However, they don't seem to be particularly interested in owning their behavior.

Instead, Wiz Khalifa and Future worked together on a track called "P***y Overrated."

It could be that the track and the duo's presence on it is one heck of a bizarre coincidence.

While Rose has been sharing all of her feelings on Twitter, Khalifa has been largely silent on the matter of their divorce.

He dyed his hair purple, but outside of that, the rapper hasn't done too much.

Could Wiz Khalifa have been waiting for the right opportunity to hit out and hit hard?

On the flipside, Ciara's ex-fiance Future seems to have made one heck of a 180 degree turn.

When they were together, he seemed to have nothing but positive things to say.

Unfortunately, the bitter break up may have resulted in a less than picturesque view of former lover.

So why is everyone saying that "P***y Overrated" is all about Khalifa and Future's exes specifically, rather than a misogynistic ode in general?

The new song is supposed to be about everything terrible about women, with no names ever mentioned.

It features the refrain "your p***y overrated," which could be a message to whoever happen to be listening. Or perhaps it really is that the "your" is the pair's attempt to say that their ex-lovers are "overrated".

In any case, at least one of the alleged targets may have already responded in her own way.

Amber Rose, never one to hide her feelings about the breakup, has been very visible on social media lately. She recently posted a sexy selfie on her Instagram to show off her new heart-themed hairstyle (but mostly her figure).

The brand new image features a choice of tags that could easily be construed as a direct response to sort of negative words used in Khalifa's new music.

Rose also posted a picture of herself with underwear model Yamal Akino, a man gossip sites are already hinting could be a new love interest.

The message seems to be that she is sexy, fabulous, and just fine without Wiz Khalifa.

While Khalifa's soon-to-be former wife has meanwhile has been busily showing off her dramatic post-baby weight loss.

The 28-year-old is modeling Calvin Klein underwear and looking really good.

Regardless of whether or not the song is about Future and Wiz Khalifa's former flames, the two women seem perfectly poised to move on with their lives.

[Image Credit: The Come Up Show]