Has Liam Payne Just Done The Unthinkable?

Perhaps the strangest question ever asked about Liam Payne was the one put forward in the headline of a British newspaper, which read, "Was One Direction's Liam Payne Shopping In Woking?"

As all the great questions in life do, the considered and measured query about young master Payne's shopping habits led to an abundance of further questions guaranteed to keep any self-respecting One Direction fan tossing and turning at night.

Particularly, those Liam Payne fans reside Stateside. In wild-eyed wonder, hordes of Payne devotees asked, "What or where is this Woking you speak of?" "What's wrong with shopping there?" And finally, "Is it really that unpleasant?"

This is what we learned, folks. Liam's hometown is Wolverhampton, and apparently he was actually spotted shopping in another town called Woking.

It's difficult to ascertain exactly why Liam Payne going on a shopping trip to Woking would have been of such such importance to warrant media coverage, unless one considers the tribal, almost prehistoric allegiances that many UK citizens have when it come to their town, patch, stomping ground, turf, or manor.

No doubt many Wolverhampton natives were appalled that young Liam chose to throw shade on their hood and go shopping in Woking, when he could have just as easily cruised and consumed on the streets of his own home town.

The Get Surrey website would seem to reflect such a reaction to Liam's almighty dis when they asked, "Has 1D's Liam Payne ditched his hometown of Wolverhampton for a shopping trip to Woking?'

They then go on to show a blurry image of the back of someone who may or may not be Liam Payne with the caption, "Is this One Direction's Liam Payne?"

According to various reports it most definitely was.

George Couchman, 21, said he put Payne in the frame when he spotted the global star on his lunch break.

"I was on my lunch break and was waiting to get a Subway when Liam went by with a group of friends.

"I instantly recognized him. He had a cap on and was wearing dark clothing.

"He sat down at a table in the food court while his friend went to get him a KFC. I couldn't see what he ordered as it was bagged up.

"I wanted to go over and get his autograph but it looked like it was his day off and apparently he hasn't been feeling well lately.

"He had been shopping as he was holding a Game bag with what looked like PS3 games in."