NBA Players and Owners Meet For 13 Hours, Still Don't End Lockout

NBA Players and owners met on Wednesday for labor talks that ran more than 13 hours as they worked to confront major issues regarding revenue share and the hard salary cap.

According to one insider quoted by the Associated Press "both sides are demonstrating a commitment to getting a deal done."

The Players Union and team owners agreed to meet after a week away from talks. Both sides broke off into small group sessions after the owners demand for a 50/50 revenue share ended talks on a sour note seven days ago.

Under this newest round of talks players have lowered their proposal to 52.5 percent of basketball-related income (down from 57 percent under the former collective bargaining agreement) which leaves the two sides approximately $100 million apart from a deal.

With the first two weeks of the season already canceled there is very little time available to save basketball in November while NBA Commissioner David Stern has already threatened to cancel games through Christmas.

Still up for negotiation are the contracts length, size of raises for players and various other smaller items that still need to be worked out.

Do you think the season will still be saved or at least what is left of the season?