Mozilla Has Developed A Bing Default Search Engine

Mozilla on Wednesday announced a new customized version of their Firefox internet browser that defaults to the Bing search engine rather than Google.

The announcement comes nearly one year after Mozilla said they would begin including Bing and Yahoo search results in Firefox 4 through an option which can be set within the browser itself.

In a statement on their website Mozilla announced:

“Mozilla and Bing are pleased to make available Firefox with Bing, a customized version of Firefox that sets Bing as the default search engine in the search box and AwesomeBar and makes the default home page.”

The statement continues:

“Existing Firefox users can also make these changes by installing the Bing Search for Firefox Add-on.”

Firefox is already distributed with nearly 20 versions in different geographies and through various partners including options for Twitter, yahoo, Yandez and United Internet integration.

Also on the horizon is an upcoming version of Firefox for Android which includes a native UR instead of the company’s XUL implementation. The Android change is expected to produce faster startup times.

Will you be switching to the Bing version of Mozilla Firefox browser if it’s released en masse as a secondary option instead of the Google search?