October 16, 2014
Jenni Rivera: Esteban Loaiza, Wants Money For Plane Crash Death

Jenni Rivera's husband Esteban Loaiza is suing the company that he feels was responsible for the plane crash that killed Jenni. According to a report by TMZ, Esteban Loaiza is suing Starwood Management for $35 million dollars, which would include monies due to him for loss of companionship, and for future and past earnings.

The latest information is puzzling considering Jenni Rivera, whose name is sometimes spelled Jenny Rivera, had already filed for divorce from her husband, Esteban Loaiza, about 8 weeks before she was killed. The two reportedly had a tumultuous relationship but sources say it was the rumor that her own daughter, Chiquis Rivera, was having an affair with stepfather Esteban Loaiza that caused Jenni Rivera to file for divorce.

The rumors were never proven to be true, and both Chiquis Rivera and Esteban Loaiza have denied that an affair or any sexual involvement took place between them. The rumors about Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza ran rampant on Spanish-speaking gossip blogs and forums, and continue until this day.

Since the beloved Mexican singer's death, Chiquis has been accused of trying to take her mother's place. The mother and daughter duo had stopped speaking about two months before that fateful day. They never got a chance to speak to each other again. Jenni Rivera's oldest daughter Chiquis went on record in October 2013 to admit that her mother was not speaking to her at the time of her death, and that Jenni Rivera did believe that her daughter had slept with her third husband, Esteban. But Chiquis assured the fans that the rumor was totally false, and that it was all a misunderstanding, according to Us Magazine.

"The world and my family lost Jenni on December 9, I lost my mother two months before on October 2. It was a misunderstanding. My world ended that day."
About the origins of the rumor, Chiquis stated the following.

"I don't understand how the rumor got started, this horrible thing that has caused so much suffering. () There were so many people filling her head with things.() If there's a problem with someone you should ask them directly, and that's something she didn't do. To this day, my mother, in her heart, thinks I had something with Esteban."

Jenni Rivera's loyal fans have not been forgiving of Esteban Loaiza and Chiquis Rivera Marin. They say that Jenni was a smart woman with great instincts, and that it is hard to believe that Jenni would believe such a terrible rumor about her own daughter, unless she had enough proof to make her think otherwise.

Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in Mexico in December 2012, as reported earlier in the Inquisitr.