Sadie Robertson, Bethany Mota Reveal Weird Fetishes Of Their ‘DWTS’ Partners [Video]

Sadie Robertson and Bethany Mota recently teamed up for another episode of The Badie Show and the Dancing with the Stars competitors have some very unflattering things to say about their professional partners.

Sadie Robertson kicked off the latest installment of their weekly YouTube series by commending Mark for being funny and “chill,” and Bethany Mota revealed that she loves Derek’s “goofy, dorky” side — then the claws came out. Robertson and Mota both complained that their partners are constantly late for practice, and poor Sadie revealed that Mark always makes fun of her Southern accent.

Sadie Robertson and Bethany Mota got to the really juicy stuff when they started talking about Mark Ballas and Derek’s Hough’s weird wardrobe-related fetishes. Bethany revealed that Derek has a strange obsession with the seams on her clothes, and she said that sometimes he’ll just grab her shirt and start rubbing the seam between his fingers. His seam-fingering fetish is certainly strange, but at least it isn’t gross like Mark’s odd habit — Sadie revealed that her Dancing with the Stars partner loves to sniff dirty shoes.

“Mark likes to smell people’s shoes… I don’t like that. That’s weird.”

Bethany Mota told Sadie Robertson that she’s actually heard of Ballas’ stinky foot fetish before, and Robertson explained that her partner has a reason for smelling sweaty footwear.

“They’re supposed to smell bad after you’ve danced if you’ve worked hard.”

According to Sadie, Mark claims that he smells her shoes after they’re done rehearsing. Needless to say, Mota was pretty grossed out by Robertson’s dirty gossip about her dancing partner.

However, Bethany dished a little dirt on Derek Hough as well. She talked about how sweaty Derek gets during their rehearsals.

“The week that I had to stay on the bass, he was like, fixing my hair, and I’m not going to lie — a drop of sweat fell onto my face. It was like, a sweat shower, and it was absolutely disgusting.”

You can check out the girls talking about their weird partners in The Badie Show video below. Bethany Mota also pokes fun at Hough’s weird dog panting noises, and Sadie Robertson talks about the rude sounds that her partner makes during practice. The guys make a surprise cameo at the end of video.

Sadie and Bethany aren’t the only Dancing with the Stars competitors who like hanging out together. As Yahoo! Celebrity UK points out, Mark Ballas and Derek Hough have been friends for years. They’ve lived together, been in a band together, and even flipped a house together. So while Sadie Robertson and Bethany Mota might not appreciate their quirks, the guys are probably used to each other’s odd habits. Unfortunately, they might end up moving back in together and becoming old bachelors if they don’t stop sniffing feet, showering women with sweat, and making weird noises.

Are you even more impressed with Sadie Robertson and Bethany Mota’s performances now that you know what they have to put up with?

[Image credit: ABC]