Pink Reportedly Told Selena Gomez ‘To End It’ With Justin Bieber And Move On

Pink Told Selena Gomez To Kick Justin Bieber To The Curb

Pink reportedly gave Selena Gomez a “subtle hint” to drop Justin Bieber once and for all and move on, when the two songstresses met during recent press rounds.

How subtle? Apparently, The Truth About Love singer “didn’t even have to say it. Selena knew what she was getting at.”

That is subtle.

The 22-year-old “Come & Get It” starlet reportedly ended her on-off relationship with the 20-year-old “Boyfriend” singer during their Paris Fashion Week trip two weeks ago, when he was seen lunching and hanging out with supermodel pal Kendall Jenner.

The next day, Selena unfollowed Justin on Instagram after posting tweets suggesting their reunion was over. Since then, the Latina has thrown herself into promoting her new movie Rudderless, while the Canadian has partied and reconnected with rapper buddy Lil Twist.

Ever since, fans and media alike have speculated — mostly unkindly — as to how long it will be before Selena and Justin reunite.

Fast forward to The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week. Both Pink and Selena were guests on the popular daytime program.

According to Dish Nation, a source said the two stars hung out backstage, adding that the Disney alum was “stoked” to chat with Pink as she has always looked up to her.

Seemingly, the fuss P.E.T.A supporter Pink made in 2011 about horses being painted pink for Selena’s “I Love You Like A Love Song” video, was all forgotten.

The insider allegedly reveals, “Selena admires Pink for everything she’s accomplished and her insanely successful career.”

“She’s also not oblivious to the fact that Pink and her husband Carey [Hart] broke up for a while before eventually reconciling and having a baby together.”

The source allegedly went on to say, “Selena and Justin have been on and off for like four years, so she felt like Pink would understand their love.”

“But she wasn’t exactly supportive, and basically told Selena she should end it with Bieber once and for all, and just focus on herself.”

“Selena took the talk with Pink to heart,” the insider purportedly added.

“She really respects her and Pink basically reiterated what most people in Selena’s circle have been suggesting. Pink didn’t even have to say it. Selena knew what she was getting at. And aside from the Bieber stuff, Pink gave Selena some really solid career advice.”

The tough talk, which may have gone down exactly as it is claimed, apparently ended with Gomez being advised not to make excuses for her decisions.

During Selena’s taped segment with Ellen, the conversation didn’t touch on Justin directly, but she did say she found her 20’s “awkward,” and rated her attempts at self-development as a seven out of 10.

In a later appearance on The Talk, Selena was asked if BFF Taylor Swift — a well known Bieber critic — had given her any advice.

“I was sitting by the fire and I was talking about relationships and business in my life,” the starlet replied.

Gomez went on, “And you know, she [Taylor] just kinda looked at me. And she supports me, she never judges me for anything.”

“She’s like, ‘Well, Selena, if you’re the smartest person in the room, I think you’re going to be in the wrong room.'”

The actress-singer explained, “Because she thinks I should constantly surround myself — and I agree — with people who are going to make me better, that are going to challenge me, motivate me.”

At the moment, Selena is getting some good buzz and heightened profile from her minor role as a grieving girlfriend in Rudderless. She is reportedly set to release a “Greatest Hits” album — For You — on November 24, which will include two new songs.

Accordingly, the brunette beauty’s Instagram bio has now changed to “Next month,” along with a link to her website.

Following Selena’s behind-the-scenes tease last week, the star unveiled black and white shots from a new photo shoot with Los Angeles photographer Aris Jerome on Instagram last night.

The next was captioned “Uno Mas,” meaning one more.

And another.

Meanwhile, Justin also did a little social media posting of his own on Sunday.

The heartthrob linked a reflective quote, that says, “A lot of times we are worried about our destination and forget to focus on our journey.”

He also posted three music clips, including a brief rendition of Michael Jackson “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Nothing Like Us.”

The latter was a bonus song on the Biebs’ Believe Acoustic album last year. Previously, it was exclusively reported by Billboard that it was a breakup song about Gomez.

So, will Selena choose the advice of Pink (who, notably, is now back with her on-off guy), Swift and many others, and stay away from Justin Bieber?

Or will the heart continue to want what it wants?