Emma Stone Is Not A Good Liar, Was Once A Tiny Bald Man With Chest Hair [Video]

Emma Stone started acting at a young age, so she’s had years to hone her skills. However, being an excellent actress does not translate into being a good liar.

The Zombieland star discovered this during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. According to the New York Daily News, host Jimmy Fallon challenged Emma Stone to a game of “Box of Lies.” With all the games Jimmy Fallon plays on the show, you’d think that his secret dream is to be a game show host.

Emma admitted that she’s not a very good liar, but the good sport played the game anyway. Here’s how “Box of Lies” works: Stone had to select a box sitting on shelf, open it out of view of Fallon, and either tell him what was inside of the box or lie about the contents. Fallon then had to guess whether she was lying or telling the truth.

The audience helped Emma Stone pick a box, and the Birdman actress inadvertently gave Jimmy Fallon a hint about its contents when she revealed that the box was heavy. What it contained was clever product placement: a Disney’s Frozen DVD encased in a block of ice. After getting out a giggle, Stone attempted to lie about the contents of the box. What she came up with was really random, as you can see in the clip below. It turns out that she wasn’t lying when she said that she’s a terrible liar.

According to Yahoo! Screen, Emma Stone also had to explain an old photo to Jimmy Fallon. The talk show host whipped out a picture of Emma starring in her very first play, and her character looked liked “a tiny seven-year-old bald man with chest hair.” However, Stone revealed that she was actually supposed to be one very odd-looking otter in a production of The Wind in the Willows.

Emma Stone recently scored the role of singer Sally Bowles in the Broadway play Cabaret, and it looks like she’s working with much better costume designers now that she’s a huge star. Entertainment Weekly recently shared a photo of one of her Cabaret costumes, and it’s really risqué — Stone has traded her chest hair and suspenders for lace and a garter belt.

Emma Stone in Cabaret

Emma told Jimmy Fallon that her first encounter with Cabaret was an inappropriate one.

“I saw it in New York for the first time with Alan as the Emcee when I was nine years old, which is the most inappropriate show to take a nine-year-old to. Do not bring a child!”

Emma obviously had a very interesting childhood.

Emma Stone will take over the Sally Bowles role from Michelle Williams starting on November 11, and you’ll be able to see the Superbad star in Cabaret through February 1, 2015.

[Image via Entertainment Weekly]