Obama Ebola Response Reeks Of 'Criminal Incompetence,' Pundit Says

The Obama Ebola response has been classified as "criminally incompetent" by well-known pundit and founder of the Blaze network, Glenn Beck.

Beck came out today with guns blazing in a panel discussion of the administration's, and the CDC's admitted mishandling of the Ebola outbreak which thus far has created two new cases of the disease within the U.S. while exposing hundreds (and potentially thousands after today's news that one of the nurses traveled by plane with a low-grade fever) of U.S. citizens to infected individuals.

Sensing the President's polling vulnerabilities -- his Gallup approval rating has hovered at just 40 percent for much of his second term -- Beck went for the throat with news that Amber Vinson had joined Nina Pham in contracting the Ebola virus from Thomas Eric Duncan, the deceased man who imported the disease to Dallas near where Beck's studios are located.

Making fun of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's comments that possible exposures were being "closely monitored," Beck had this to say.

"What does that mean? I would like a definition of what that means. You're listening to a broadcast that is 15 miles away from that hospital [Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital]. Fifteen miles."

Beck added that the possible infections are hitting extremely close to home for him as he has "four employees" who live in the same apartment complex as one of the infected individuals.

He also noted that Pham's boyfriend, who was recently moved into quarantine for the disease -- he has not been confirmed as infected -- "works in Fort Worth with 22,000 other people."

"Now he has gone to work for the last week... This is how it spreads."

Since an Ebola outbreak occurred in Liberia, the CDC has been confident an outbreak could not occur here. In less than a month, at least 100 were exposed in Dallas and a minimum of 132 who shared a plane with Vinson were exposed, though currently there have been only three confirmed cases.

The CDC and Dallas officials expect more, however, noting that it takes 2 to 21 days for symptoms to show after which the patient becomes infectious.

For Beck, the increasing exposures are unacceptable and entirely to blame on Obama's Ebola response.

"We're not Ebola experts, you nincompoops, you are! Emphasis on the poop part. Massive, massive incompetence. This administration, the entire government, is going to go down as criminal on this. They are going to be remembered as criminally incompetent on this."

More on how the President should be responding to inspire confidence, according to Beck, in the below video.

What do you think about the Obama Ebola response, readers -- success, failure, or too early to fairly criticize? Share your thoughts in our comments section.