Adam Lind Denies Steroid Use

Adam Lind Steroid Photo

Adam Lind’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Nicole shared shocking photos of the Teen Mom 2 star online earlier this week. In the photos, Lind was seen with a hypodermic needle in his leg, but still the reality star and father of two claims Nicole’s steroid claims are “all lies.”

On Tuesday, Nicole spoke to Radar Online, claiming Lind used steroids during their brief summer romance. Nicole also stated Lind had physically abused her, leaving bruises on her arms.

“She’s mad I left her [because] she lies and caught her doing porn,” Adam Lind told Radar Online on Oct. 15.

According to Adam Lind, the products photographed, which were labeled as Systanon 250 and another containing Tren Ace 100, both anabolic steroids and controlled substances, were not something he has ever used. Instead, he alleged Nicole got the photo off of a Google search. He also claimed what he was injecting himself with was Vitamin B-12, a common supplement.

“People take it all the time, you can buy it from Wal-Mart or any local fitness or gym business,” Lind explained. “All she is doing is adding fuel to the fire with the steroid thing. She knew it wasn’t true.”

On Instagram, as reported by The Inquisitr on Oct. 14, Nicole vented to her fans about Lind’s alleged behavior.

“Those are my arms after Adam thought it was cool to put his hands on me,” Nicole said. “He threatened me with saying he would tell people I was a porn star, or he caught me stripping in Omaha. He’s threatened to make up a whole bunch of stuff about me now!”

“Let me just clear the air on my OWN life… Adam did not break up with me… I LEFT HIS VIOLENT A**,” the single mom continued. “He has physical and mental abuse issue…. BAD! … I’m gonna slowly bust his a** out on everything don’t worry.”

Lind claims Nicole, who appeared alongside him on Teen Mom 2 Season 5B, shared the photos in an effort to “get back in the spotlight.”

In other Lind news, he and a former fling, reportedly named Wendy, are expecting a child together. As The Inquisitr reported on Oct. 1, Lind allegedly slept with Wendy during the time he and girlfriend Taylor Halbur were trying to work things out.

Although Adam Lind’s ex-girlfriend Chelsea Houska, the mother of his four-year-old daughter Aubree, hasn’t yet commented on Lind’s reported steroid use, an insider told Radar Online, “Chelsea is very concerned about Adam’s behavior.”

[Photo via Instagram]