Jesus Christ Appears To English Man On A Piece Of Toast

Wes Williams

People all over the world see images of Jesus Christ in many things. Clouds, trees, rocks, and various food items have all been found over the years that appear to have Jesus' image. But if Jesus is a fan of modern food, His favorite must certainly be toast, as it seems more people see Christ in their breakfast bread than in any other way.

According to Metro, a man in Manchester, UK, is the latest to find an image of Jesus Christ revealed in his toast. John Cranfield says that he dropped a piece of whole meal bread into his toaster, and when it popped up, it featured a distinct image of Jesus. Cranfield described the experience to Metro.

"I returned from my workplace to find that the only food item in my cupboard was a loaf of bread. I popped in two slices of wholemeal (I am on a diet) bread, and discovered that the face of Jesus was beautifully presented to me on one of the slices."
"You only realise the face once it's turned the right way up, but when you do, I think it looks much more like Ozzy Osbourne than Jesus."
"As a strong Christian I believe that this was no mistake, I believe that God himself had sent it to me to prove that he exists and that I should not give up my faith. People may mock me and call me a "self proclaimed" catholic, they may swear and say rude things but I don't care. I don't care because I know that was no coincidence, I know the truth."

Whenever someone sees an image of Jesus in an every day object, it is always the classical, bearded Christ that they see. But, as reported in The Inquisitr, the recent discovery of an artifact in Spain reveals a different looking Jesus; a clean shaven man with short hair. Would John Cranfield recognize that Jesus if He appeared on his toast, or would he just cover his toasted Jesus with marmalade?

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