Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Willow And Jaden Smith, Says Confident Children Are 'Scary' To Critics [Video]

Patrick Frye

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have apparently raised some interesting children according to the media. But Willow and Jaden Smith's mother believes that's a good thing.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Jaden Smith used Twitter to share some strange conspiracy theories according to reports. The controversy over the shirtless photos depicting Willow Smith and Moises Arias was revived again when the two were spotted together after the investigation was complete.

Critics believe that Jada Pinkett Smith's children have an air of entitlement and "nepotism" surrounding them, although supporters say they are simply kids trying out a variety of new things. When Jada spoke on Sway's Universe in the above video, she dismissed critics by saying that confident children can seem scary to the outside world.

"I think the most difficult part and I think the scariest part is when you see young people who have the confidence to just be who they are," she said. "And that's how they were raised; that's what I expect of my children."

Jaden Smith was particularly criticized for his fashion sense at Kim Kardashian's wedding, so Jada Pinkett Smith reiterated and she and her husband raised their kids.

"I always say, 'Worry about being respected, never worry about being liked.' Because that's the trap. That's where people manipulate you," insissted Jada. "And so my kids, I did not teach my kids to be liked. I taught them to always live by their truth, and to always respect others and to always reach to be respected. And different people will respect different things, but at the end of the day, my kids have the confidence to be who they are. And that is all, as a parent, that Will and I can ask of them, because that is where their power and their strength will come from."

The actress also discussed her role as Fish Mooney in the new Batman TV show called Gotham, but at one point Jada Pinkett Smith discussed her relationship with Tupac.

Jada Pinkett Smith Tupac

Those painful memories had her sharing the tragedy of Tupac's shooting the other day on her Facebook account.

"In this picture I'm flanked by two extremely close friends of mine... Tupac and Maxine. They both died tragically not too far apart from one another. I flipped through more pictures of my youth only to come across at least 6 other friends who had been taken from this world... violently. I can't even count acquaintances. There was a time all that loss felt like the norm; today it felt unnatural, strange, downright wrong. Half of my life was surviving a war zone... genocide. I'm grateful for what I have survived. GratefuI that I can spend an evening with Fallon playing a pie in the face game. Grateful I didn't become a statistic like I often thought I would. Grateful that my own children don't have to confront the loss and violence in their neighborhood in the way their parents had to. But, I also feel helpless, a bit depressed that there are so many of us who still do. And it feels like it's only gotten and getting worse."