Boys II Men Celebrate 20th Anniversary By Dropping New Album

R&B singing legends Boys II Men broke onto the music scene in 1991 with the release of their debut album “Cooleyhighharmony” and in celebration of their Oct. 25 twenty-year celebration the group has released the album Twenty.

According to MTV Twenty is a mixture of classic songs (End of the Road) and 12 new tracks that brings the albums total to 20 tracks.

When talking to New York Magazine group member Nathan Morris said of the last 20 years:

“We came straight out of high school. If you use me as an example, I’m 40 years old. Twenty years of my life was spent with my biological family, and the other twenty were spent literally on the road with my guys. So I’ve split half of my life with this group. For me, it’s gone by pretty fast.”

Group member Wanya Morris spoke with MTV where he revealed that the bands new song is meant to bridge the divide between old school fans and new listeners:

“We have a lot of different new songs and styles that will actually show the growth of Boyz II Men,” he told MTV. “At the same time, we still kept the same vibrations, the same integrity. Nate’s idea, and all of our idea, is just keep it love and try and be ambassadors. We might not do it all that well, but we love love.”

Are you still a fan of Boys II Men?