UFO Hovers Near Space Station During Space Walk In NASA Video — What Is This Mystery Object?

A UFO appearing in a NASA video recently released by the space agency has baffled not only UFO enthusiasts, but grabbed the attention of the world media — but so far, the United States space agency, which posted the video October 7 on YouTube, is keeping silent.

The five-minute video shows highlights of what was actually a six-hour long space walk by two astronauts now manning the International Space Station, which orbits about 260 miles above Earth's surface.

During the space walk, which is incredible to watch on its own merits, flight engineers Reid Wiseman, an American sent into space by NASA, and Alexander Gerst — a German from the European Space Agency — performed routine repairs and maintenance on the space station, which has been orbiting the planet since 1998.

Wiseman and Gerst moved a broken cooling pump and installed a new backup power supply for the space station's robotic arm.

But none of that is what caught the world's attention in the NASA video. Instead, the video has gone viral for a fleeting moment of footage that shows up at about one minute and 50 seconds into the video, and lasts for just five seconds.

That's when the UFO appears in the background, and can be clearly seen hovering momentarily in the distance, against the blackness of space.

A shorter version of the video highlighting the UFO appearance can be viewed at this link, courtesy of Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper.

This still screen capture shows the camera angle in which the UFO will shortly appear. In this shot, there is nothing behind the space station except the void of space.

UFO NASA Space station video

But moments later, this is the view from the same angle.

UFO NASA Space station video

What is this mysterious object? By the literal definition, it is certainly a UFO because the object remains unidentified and there's no question that it is, indeed, flying. The UFO Blogger site jumps to the conclusion that the UFO is indeed a "spacecraft."

But that could simply mean that this UFO is a man-made satellite that briefly appeared in the distance. Or — something.

Whatever this UFO may actually by, NASA has said nothing so far. In the past, the space agency has dismissed such similar anomalies appearing on space broadcasts as stray rocks that float around the solar system.

This UFO doesn't look like a rock in the brief glimpse that appears in the video. But, of course, looks can be deceiving.

Watch the video and decide for yourself. What is the real story behind this UFO?