Kate Middleton Reportedly Too Embarrassed To Be Seen In Public Due To Her 'Bloated Features'

Kate Middleton has had a terrible time of her second pregnancy, as the Duchess continues to suffer from extreme morning sickness symptoms which have rendered her unfit for public royal engagements over the last couple of months.

The fact that Kate was forced to cancel numerous scheduled public engagements came as no surprise as she suffered from similar symptoms while pregnant with Prince George. The cancellations also weren't a shock for anyone who has suffered from, or had a spouse suffer from the condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum, or in layman's terms, morning sickness.

In fact, the last time Kate Middleton was even seen in public was during the poppy installation at the London Tower on August 5, more than two months ago. And even though the palace have confirmed time after time that the reason the Duchess has not been seen in public is due to her condition, other reports have suggested that there's a bit more to it.

The International Business Times, for example, quotes a Daily Mail report which alleged that while Kate is surely suffering from a bad case of morning sickness. She also reportedly doesn't want to be seen in public due to her "bloated features" and baby bump.

Even though, as the saying goes, "Royal blood is blue," Kate Middleton, like the rest of the royal family, is only human, so there's little doubt she is feeling a little self-conscious about herself at the moment, especially as her slight frame accentuates any fat she gains more than most women.

A source told the Daily Mail that Kate has been feeling so under the weather and down that she even chose to take a break and is residing at her parent's home in Berkshire. According to that insider, she has taken Prince George, as well her nanny, to her folk's place.

With all of the rumors, no one really knows exactly what the situation behind closed palace doors is with Kate Middleton. What is for sure is that the morning sickness can't be any fun and it wouldn't be surprising if the Duchess simply didn't feel up to being in public as she enters her second trimester of pregnancy.