Kate Middleton Fed Up With ‘Hellish’ Pregnancy, Needs Nanny To Care For Prince George

Kate Middleton is reportedly fed up with the sickness that has kept her bedridden through the first few weeks of her second pregnancy, an ailment that has taken her off mom duties entirely.

She has been diagnosed with Hyperemisis gravidarum, an ailment commonly known as severe morning sickness that can leave those afflicted bed-ridden and almost constantly sick.

Kate may be laid out she battles with a severe case of morning sickness, but the Duchess of Cambridge has plenty of help.

Sources say the Duchess has been leaning on her Spanish nanny, Maria Borrallo, to help look after one-year-old Prince George while she is dealing with the effects of Hyperemesis gravidarum.

It’s been a huge help for Kate, as the toddler is reportedly getting to be quite a handful.

“You can’t let him out of your sight for a millisecond,” a source told the Boston Herald. “He’s very curious — he opens anything with a door or a lid.”

Prince George is in good hands with Borrallo. The nanny was hand-picked by Kate Middleton and Prince William and accompanied the couple on a trip to New Zealand and Australia shortly after taking the job. She is a product of the prestigious Norland College, which offers an intensive three-year BA course on nanny training.

The source said that Kate has been hoping that the worst of the ailment might be behind her, but so far things have not gotten any easier.

“Kate often starts the morning feeling great, but then she’ll take a turn by afternoon,” the source said. “It’s not fun for her at all.”

The source went on to say that the past few weeks have been “hellish” and that the normally hands-on mom has been stuck in bed while Prince George races around the house, his nanny in tow.

“Kate is fed up,” the source said, adding that the baby has been doing just fine.

But Kate Middleton also has other help from her husband, Prince William. He has been talking to doctors and even solicited advice from 70-year-old midwifery pioneer Lesley Page when he made her a a Commander of the Order of the British Empire earlier this month.