Nurse With Ebola: Nina Pham's Boyfriend Might Have Symptoms Now Too

Nina Pham is the Texas nurse diagnosed with Ebola and there may be some really bad news for those closest to her, namely her boyfriend. According to Got News, Pham may have infected her boyfriend with the deadly disease. While some outlets are reporting that Pham's boyfriend has been isolated for precautionary reasons, some say that he has, in fact, showcased symptoms of the disease. There have been a couple of unconfirmed reports that he actually tested positive for Ebola, which would make him the second person in the U.S. to contract the disease.

Nina Pham's boyfriend worked at Alcon in Texas and the president of the company reportedly sent out a letter to employees to let them know that someone at the company was admitted to the hospital "for potential signs and symptoms of the Ebola virus." Of course this sounds like the unidentified man is being watched for precautionary reasons and that he has not yet shown any symptoms. The CDC has not confirmed nor denied these rumors.The nurse who contracted Ebola had been caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from the disease last week. It is unknown if she came into contact with other people during the time that she was caring for Mr. Duncan, or if anyone else close to her would be considered "at risk." Of course, those who worked with her and her boyfriend are beginning to panic.

Pham, 26, is said to be "doing well." As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she is being treated and, if the disease was caught in time, she may have a good chance at surviving.

According to a breaking news report by CNN, the nurses union at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas said that they did not follow any type of protocol while caring for Mr. Duncan. Naturally this suggests that more medical staff could have contracted the disease, and perhaps their families will need to be checked out -- if not quarantined -- as well.

There is also word that Pham's dog may have contracted the disease. It's unknown what will happen if this is the case. Not too long ago, a dog belonging to a nurse with Ebola in Spain was put down.

[Photo courtesy of Pham family via USA Today]