‘Teen Mom 2’: Adam Lind’s Ex Reveals Shocking Drug and Abuse Claims

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind has been in the headlines from everything to his criminal record, which is fairly long, to multiple relationships. However, Adam’s headlines just got more shocking. According to Starcasm, Adam’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Nicole claims that the MTV personality was physically and mentally abusive, as well as that he takes drugs.

Jessica took to her Instagram account to put the Teen Mom 2 dad on blast, and that’s exactly what she did. Jessica dished the dirt on Adam Lind and even posted photos to back up her allegations.

“Let me just clear the air on my OWN life… Adam did not break up with me… I LEFT HIS VIOLENT A**. He has physical and mental abuse issue…. BAD! … I’m gonna slowly bust his a** out on everything don’t worry.”

Jessica revealed that one of Adam Lind’s recent arrests, which he called “bull,” was actually pretty serious, as the Teen Mom 2 star had been drinking before getting behind the wheel and that Adam actually got off easy on that bust.

Jessica followed up her Instagram assault on Adam Lind by posting photos of the Teen Mom 2 bad boy injecting something from a syringe into his thigh and another photo of Sustanon 250 and Trenbolone-Acetate 100 vials, which are both types of steroids.

Rumors that the Teen Mom 2 dad had been using steroids have been swirling for over a year as Adam Lind did some serious buffing up, and fast.

However, the worst of Jessica’s stories about Adam had to be her allegations of abuse. According to Radar Online, The Teen Mom 2 star’s ex claims that Adam would leave marks on her body after getting too physical and even paralyzed her dog, which she later had put down.

“He’s grabbed me by the neck, thrown me around, all kinds of stuff. [I] really wish I never met Adam. I just want this to go away.”

These allegations have to scare Adam’s ex-girlfriends Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska who, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, is happily dating a new man, and Taylor Halbur, as both women have daughters who spend time along with Lind.

If Adam Lind could leave bruises and marks on his girlfriend, and hurt a dog so bad that it’s paralyzed and needs to be put to sleep, imagine what he could possibly do to a young child if he were to be in a steroid induced rage. These are serious allegations against the Teen Mom 2 dad,and fans are already worried about the safety of his girls, Aubree and Paislee.

What do you think about Jessica Nicole’s claims against Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind?

[Image credit: Instagram]