Katy Perry's New Man Has Criminal Record And Anger Issues

Katy Perry has always seemed to be attracted to bad boys. Her latest beau, however, takes the 'bad boy' logo to the extremes.

Perry's new man, Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, has had multiple arrests and was court ordered to take anger management classes after a violent bar brawl, the Daily Mail reports.

The newly formed couple were first seen in public together earlier this month at Couchella's. At the Amazing Spiderman 2 after party in New York City the couple was openly affectionate, reports People.

Diplo is the world's highest paid DJ -- he made a whopping $13 million in 2012. Perry isn't the only singer that has called Diplo her man. Before Perry, he dated Sri Lankan of M.I.A.

Diplo has been arrested for shoplifting and destruction of property. In 1999, he was arrested in Florida for second degree trespassing but the charges were eventually dropped.

With no real confirmation from Perry, the media has labeled Diplo Perry's new man. Perry seems pretty possessive of Diplo already. The Daily Mail reported that Perry got so angry when another woman flirted with Diplo that she had the girl thrown out of the party.

Celebuzz.com reports that Perry is taking control of her new man. She has learned the hard way in past relationships that letting the man take control does not work out well for her. Perry, 29, told Harper's Bazaar that she has less time for drama. Perry described her perfect man as someone with a great sense of humor, someone who can keep her laughing 'off the charts.' Perry stated she wanted someone in her life that was sensitive and loved and understood her music.

Perry's past relationships haven't worked out the way she planned so for now it appears she is keeping this one under wraps. E! News reported that Perry is in control of her new man and that Diplo respects her for taking charge. Perry has introduced her new man to her family and they appear to get along great. Though they have kept the relationship a secret, it appears Perry and Diplo have been dating since April.

So far neither Perry or her new man have shared photos on their social media pages. Perry still appears to be trying to keep the relationship hush-hush but the media world is pretty aware of it. Hopefully this 'bad boy' won't break the 'Pop Princess's' heart.