November 18, 2016
Kendall Jenner Pours Herself Into Skintight Jeans During NYC Visit

Kendall Jenner landed in New York City on Wednesday to visit a friend. In true fashionista form, the teen reality television star and model was dressed to the nines in casual yet flattering attire that probably cost a small fortune. During her NYC jaunt, it was her jeans that attracted the most attention. The dark wash, skin-tight denim clung to her lean, toned legs with every step.

With an oversize handbag, black boots, black scarf and dark aviator shades, Kendall Jenner was easily recognizable as she strutted down the sidewalk like it was a runway. She didn't appear to be wearing any makeup. If her boots were from her new line of Steve Madden footwear, Kendall & Kylie for Madden Girl, they are not among the offerings currently available online from Nordstrom.

Walking the streets of New York City in what the Daily Mail called "spray-on jeans" wasn't Kendall Jenner's only fashion forward move this week. She also took the time to post a pic on Instagram showing her long locks being braided into cornrows.

Model Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner has her hair braided by a stylist.

Just one day before Kendall Jenner touched down at JFK airport, she was spotted in West Hollywood with longtime friend and sometime rumored romance Jaden Smith. According to Entertainment Wise, they were both spotted wearing rather bizarre attire following their daytime coffee date.

Jenner was seen wearing a long black robe over a black top, and it didn't appear that she was wearing any pants. Jaden Smith was caught on camera wearing an unusual outfit comprising tight black shorts, a black CTV2 shirt, colorful striped socks, and a backpack. His hair was in disarray, and he hid from the paparazzi when they began snapping his photo and commenting on his wardrobe. Smith was also wearing fingerless mesh weightlifting gloves and Nike running shoes. A cellphone was clutched in one hand.

Since Kendall Jenner is a runway staple, she frequently makes headlines for her style choices. However, the public seems equally enamored of any news regarding her love life. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenner and her youngest sister Kylie have both been spotted in the company of older men. Although Kylie's rumored beau, Tyga, has publicly refuted any romance rumors, Kendall's mystery man remains a mystery.

It's also a mystery how Kendall Jenner got into those skin-tight jeans. What do you think? Do you like Jenner's monochromatic fall wardrobe so far? Comments are welcome.

[Image via Kendall Jenner Instagram]