Chris Brown Has Theory On Ebola Outbreak, Twitter Responds

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy. However, his insensitive Twitter rant about Ebola has caused quite an uproar across social media sites. Brown did not stop at his initial post, blaming Ebola as part of a conspirator ploy to control the population, instead he continued to bite back at those who called him out for his tweet.


Chris Brown‘s insensitive tweets continued with him saying, “Let me shut my black [expletive deleted] up!”, and “I say what I want. If u don’t like it… ‘SUCK MY [expletive deleted]’ (little Asian girl voice)”. Tweeters that responded to Chris Brown did not hold back. Although only a small portion of his 13.7 million followers responded, his initial pondering brought the trolls out in full force. Many of them took the opportunity to advise Mr. Brown to consider population control in his real life.



Despite the trolling, Chris Brown‘s Ebola post received nearly 30,000 retweets and over 22,000 favorites, numbers that still do not compare to the more than 4,000 deaths resulting from the virus and the heart break felt by their family members.

For the time being, Chris Brown’s tweets are still posted in his twitter feed and Nina Pham is still battling her Ebola infection in a Texas hospital. The CDC has reported that they believe cases of Ebola in Nigeria and Senegal have been contained and that cases in the Republic of Congo are not related to the major areas where the virus has been concentrated. In the United States, it us unknown if Nina Pham, the second U.S. based individual that has contracted the virus, will be the last or if the spread will continue onward. Luckily for Chris Brown, there have been no reported cases of Ebola in California where he lives.

Chris Brown’s downward spiral began when he beat Rhianna and left her face battered and bloody in a domestic dispute. His escapades have continued onward from there. It is unknown whether the Ebola conspiracy tweet will be the final lapse of judgement on his part, or whether the topic will change to something more outlandish in the future.

The Ebola virus has become a true world threat as concerns for its devastating effects and flu like symptoms cause mini panics throughout the world. Inserting thoughts of conspiracy into the mix only escalates the fright and worry among the masses.

At this time, Chris Brown has not apologized for his tweet, although the retweets, troll responses, and favorites keep piling up.

[Photo Courtesy: The Daily Mail]