‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will Morgan Be A Friend Or Foe?

The Walking Dead season 5 returned with some shocking moments, surprise characters and huge ratings. Fans watched as a face from the past, Morgan, returned the show, but will he prove to be a friend or foe to Rick and his group during the highly anticipated season?

According to Undead Walking, many fans were very surprised to see Morgan at the end of The Walking Dead season 5 premiere. As viewers know, Morgan was in the pilot episode of the series and quickly became a fan favorite. After the pilot, Morgan wasn’t seen again until season 3, when it was revealed that Morgan’s son, Dwayne, had died, and that he had gone a little crazy and was living a life of solitude. Although Rick asks Morgan to come with him, he refused to join the group.

Now, it seems that Morgan is doing a bit better and was headed toward Terminus, a place he knew he’d have to interact with people, before seeing the sign that Rick altered to say “No Sanctuary.”

In the quick The Walking Dead scene, Morgan then turns opposite the direction that Rick and his group headed. He finds a marking carved in a nearby tree and begins walking that direction.

While many believe that Morgan could prove to be an excellent partner for former sheriff’s deputy. Rick already lost Shane in season 2 and Hershel in season 4, who were two men he greatly leaned on in his decision making process.

Could Morgan be Rick’s next partner and second in command? While fans would love to see Morgan reunite with Rick, it’s clear that Daryl and Glenn have proven themselves worthy to be the next in line when and if Rick is not available.

However, The Walking Dead fans have been loving the new Carol, who saved the entire group from Terminus in the season 5 premiere, and some believe she’s more than capable of leading the group as well.

Morgan will most definitely meet up with Rick and the gang sometime in season 5, but when? Could he first find a group of Terminus survivors to shack up with? If that happens, Rick may find himself fighting against his old friend instead of beside him.

According to E! Online, The Walking Dead season 5 premiere generated huge ratings, pulling in more than 11 million viewers. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it’s no surprise that the hit zombie series has already been renewed for season 6.

Although The Walking Dead is in its fifth season, fans are more hooked on the AMC series than ever as it’s the character development and always original story lines that keep them coming back for more each Sunday.

Do you think Morgan will be a friend or foe during The Walking Dead season 5?

[Image Credit: AMC]