‘Dance Moms’ Reunion Spoilers: Season 4 End Brings More Drama, Confrontations

It’s time to bid farewell to Dance Moms for a bit, as the season 4 reunion show airs Tuesday night. There’s been a lot of drama throughout the season and it doesn’t sound as if that is going to change in the final episode of the season. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for this episode?

The show’s Facebook page shares a sneak peek. They tease Dance Moms spoilers suggesting that while there may have been a few stones left unturned during the regular season, everything is addressed this time around. Naturally, the conflict between Abby Lee Miller and Christi Lukasiak will be core to this episode.

There will also be a number of performances in the show with a mix of repeats and new material up on stage for viewers to embrace. Abby even teases that Maddie has a surprise for everybody. Lifetime teases that moms from both the Elite and the Select teams will be on stage to sort through their grudges from season 4. Of course, the topic of Abby’s favoritism toward Maddie Ziegler will be a hot topic.

Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Maddie will talk about her Hollywood success, and Cathy will even make an appearance to get under Abby’s skin. The reunion show is called “Playing Favorites,” and that will definitely be central to the show.

Other Dance Moms spoilers from the show’s Wikia page indicate that the show will include a solo from Chloe, a group number called “Tribal Council,” and Mackenzie will sing her song “It’s a Girl Party.”

As for whether the show has been renewed, it seems that is already a done deal. Apparently Dance Moms season 5 is already filming and the competition to be shown in episode 1 has taken place.

Who will be prominent in the new season? Of course fans may have to wait to see it be made official by the network, but it seems Kendall, Kalani, and Nia get solos in the first episode, and Maddie and Mackenzie are with them in the group dance. For those dying for confirmation regarding Chloe Lukasiak’s departure or return to the show, at this point she doesn’t seem to be involved.

Just how ugly will the season 4 Dance Moms reunion get? From the sounds of things, it will be fairly typical fare for this show. There will be arguments, accusations, and eye-rolling — and likely little will get resolved. What likely will not be mentioned is anything about the continuing drama off-screen with Kelly, Brooke, and Paige Hyland, given that there is another lawsuit being filed by the family against Abby Lee Miller.

When will season 5 debut? The last three seasons have all premiered in early January, so it seems likely that will be the case this coming season as well. The network likely won’t confirm that until a bit closer to the debut date.

Tune in to the season 4 reunion show for Dance Moms airing on Tuesday, October 14 on Lifetime. Then stay tuned for season 5 spoilers as the girls move forward and the new season draws near.

[Image via Ryan Seacrest]