Iggy Azalea Flips Out: ‘Black Widow’ Spits On Photog, Hopes He ‘Has Ebola And Dies’

Iggy Azalea didn’t hold back while at a grocery store in Los Angeles over the weekend. According to Gossip Cop, the Black Widow singer went totally crazy on a photographer who was trying to get pics of her. Iggy was with a friend when the whole thing went down. Keeping quiet wasn’t on the agenda apparently, as Iggy didn’t hold back one bit. She spat on the guy and then let it rip.

“I hope you have Ebola, I hope you die — you’re a f**king c**t,” Iggy yelled, but the altercation didn’t end there. Iggy and her friend were screaming back and forth with the pap, and despite him yelling, “you wanted to be a celebrity,” Iggy went after him with her shopping cart. Oh, and the whole thing was caught on tape and posted on YouTube. You can watch it here (warning: NSFW).

Iggy Azalea tried to explain her side of the story — after she stopped flipping out and trying to harm the photog. According to The Sidney Morning Herald, Iggy knew that her reaction didn’t come off good publicly… so she took to Instagram to try and clear things up.

“Something is only ‘the way it is’ for as long as one ALLOWS it to be. What I’m comfortable consenting a paparazzi do doesn’t require anyone’s opinion but my own. I don’t see why that’s hard for some to fathom. Judge me for spazzing if you like but you only saw the 30sec aftermath which was classy in comparison to what he said to us inside the grocery store where we discovered him lying on the floor after we had repeatedly & politely asked him to leave multiple locations during the course of the day. I don’t hate paps, just the really aggressive ones… I only treated him the way he treated me all day. Fair is fair playboys and girls. peace out (sic).”

It’s hard to say if Iggy Azalea was right or wrong. Of course a lot of celebrities get frustrated with the paparazzi, but the guy was really just doing his job — and it didn’t look like he was in Iggy’s face. Do you think that the things she said to him were too harsh? A lot of people really like Iggy — especially Rita Ora. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ora recently said that Azalea has a heart of gold. Do you agree?

[Photo courtesy of Timothy Hiatt / Getty Images via Billboard]