‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska Is Happy In Love

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has finally found love again. Fans have watched as Chelsea focused too much of her time on trying to get back together with her baby daddy, Adam Lind, and not enough time looking for Mr. Right.

However, Chelsea Houska is now dating a new (and handsome) young man named Cole DeBoer, and it seems that the Teen Mom 2 beauty couldn't be happier with her decision.

After having one of the worst love lives in the Teen Mom franchise, Ms. Houska has finally moved on from Adam Lind and decided to date a really good guy.

According to Wet Paint, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer met while pumping gas in their hometown. The pair hit it off and began dating, and they've been nearly inseparable ever since.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teen Mom 2 fans understood why Chelsea may have been hesitant to go public with her romance at first, but now that everyone knows she's dating Cole, she's been posted adorable photos and videos of them together for all to see.

Most recently, Chelsea Houska delighted Teen Mom 2 viewers by posting a cute Instagram photo of herself and Cole and conveyed her true feelings towards her new boyfriend.

"So happy."
In the photo, the Teen Mom 2 star is snuggled up nice and close with her gorgeous new boyfriend and the pair looked like two people who may be falling for each other, and fast.

Teen Mom fans are delighted to see Chelsea Houska so happy as it's been a long road to love for the MTV star.

Chelsea Houska just couldn't seem to get over her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind no matter what he did or said. She would always take him back as she wanted to badly for them to be a real family with their daughter, Aubree.

Now, reality has really set in for Houska as Lind has been arrested and in jail countless times, had a gaggle of other girlfriends and hook ups, fathered another daughter, and is even rumored to have gotten a third woman pregnant.

Meanwhile, according to Teen Mom News, Adam has yet another new girlfriend named Brooke, who also has a criminal record, and the couple are currently living together.

We're hoping that for Chelsea Houska's sake that her relationship with Cole DeBoer is the real deal, and that he treats her daughter Aubree right, because Teen Mom 2 fans would love to see Chelsea happy and settled in season 6.

What do you think about Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska's new man?

[Image Credit: Instagram]