Amanda Bynes Betrayed By Best Friend? His Lie Got Her Locked Up - Here's How!

Amanda Bynes may have been betrayed by her best friend when she was committed to a mental health facility recently.

According to a report released by TMZ, Sam Lufti worked directly with Amanda's parents in order to mislead her into traveling from New York City to Los Angeles.

The lie that caught Amanda Bynes' attention was that Sam Lufti had a meeting arranged for his dear friend to speak with an attorney at a law office in Pasadena about filing a lawsuit against her parents for abuse.

Amanda Bynes more than likely viewed this as a genuine favor that was being done by her best friend, Sam. This type of "favor" would explain why Amanda Bynes posted one final tweet shortly after recanting her allegations that directly mentioned her "brother" Sam Lufti.

Amanda Bynes likely felt betrayed completely by her best friend and, more importantly, her parents when she walked inside of the "law office" only to discover that it was actually a mental health facility. Chances are that even more people were aware of Sam Lufti's deceptive plan. Shortly after Amanda Bynes was attained, Courtney Love reached out to him through her official Twitter page in reference to his "great job" with Amanda. Sam later responded with a "thank you" message on his own Twitter page.Staff members restrained Amanda Bynes and had her involuntarily committed as soon as she walked through the door.

Other people that were close friends.

According to TMZ, Amanda is currently being held in the lock-down section for women at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena. The report states that she has been displaying fits of anger since she arrived even after being given her medication.

Amanda Bynes attempted to get out of New York City as quickly as possible when she heard that her parents wanted her to receive treatment again from a mental health facility.

Shortly after Amanda Bynes recanted her allegations of her father being sexually abusive, she was even kicked out of LaGuardia airport because of yelling at a ticket agent.

[Image Credit: Radar Online]