All that soda could be turning our kids violent says new study

Think of the kids and dump all that soda from the fridge right now before they go all Natural Born Killer on you.

Well, okay maybe it's not that bad but according to a new study conducted by David Hemingway and Sara Solnick where they followed 1,878 Boston high school students and kept track of their soft drink consumption they found that students that drank more than 5 non-diet soda a week were 9-15% more likely to turn aggressive.

They go on to state in the paper that heavy use of carbonated non-diet soft drinks was significantly associated with carrying a gun or knife, and that violence towards their peers, family members. Now the two researchers didn't come right out and say that over consuming soda drinks leads to violent behavior but they did note that the "soda-violence" boost remained after factoring out things like race, age, body mass, tobacco and drug use.

Now before you fall off your chair laughing yourself silly, which I have already done twice while trying to write this post, the researchers say that there is still a lot more studying to be done before they can come to any conclusive conclusion when it comes to soda influenced violence; but you can read what they have found out so far over here.

via Geekosystem