Google Android Mobile Technology Rules Ad Impression Market In Q3 2011

The Google Android OS was a big winner in the ad impression space during the third quarter of 2011 securing 56 percent of the market compared to Apple's 28 percent reach. Falling further behind is one time mobile darling Research in Motion (RIM) which grabbed 13 percent of the market based on Blackberry mobile use.

While Google Android gathered the most mobile ad impressions Apple was still the single manufacturer leader with 23 percent of mobile ads compared to Samsung and HTC who both followed with approximately 16 percent of each.

The report also showed that 54 percent of all iOS ad impressions came from iPhone devices while the iPad and iPod Touch units made up the remaining 46 percent. Based on current numbers iOS ad impressions have grown by 60 percent over the last 12 months while iPad impressions climbed by 456 percent amid growing sales numbers.

The Millenial network has also reported that of the top 20 devices used on their network 15 use Android while six of those Android devices come from manufacturerHTC.

The study also found that Android Apps provide the most in-game ad spending with a 49 percent share of the market, up just 20 percent from year over year. Apple following in second place with 41 percent of the app ad spending market, up from 36 percent over last years numbers.