Dina Manzo Isn’t Feuding With Teresa Giudice, Blames ‘RHONJ’ Editors For Fake Drama

Dina Manzo appeared to be in a feud with her longtime friend and co-star, Teresa Giudice, during a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, Manzo claims what fans saw on the air wasn’t what really went down between them during filming.

“I haven’t turned against Teresa,” Manzo assured fans in a new video blog, according to an Oct. 13 report by Reality Tea. “We’re 1000 percent fine – off-camera, on-camera. The editing likes to make things look a little more juicy than they actually are.”

According to Dina Manzo, a large portion of her and Giudice’s conversation was edited, namely Manzo’s comments about why she felt Giudice should offer an apology to Teresa Aprea.

“You never know what scenes they’re gonna use; I know what I filmed and I know what I said with Teresa. And I know what she was being really stubborn about,” Manzo explained. “Basically Teresa [Aprea] wanted an apology from Teresa [Giudice], not for doing anything wrong per se, but just like… for getting in the middle of things. My thing for Teresa [Giudice] was, ‘Girl – this is not your issue. This is between Victoria Gotti and Teresa [Aprea] and Rino. Just say you’re sorry for getting in the middle and just move on.’ Because it got me in the middle, and it just started a whole buncha ruckus.”

On the show, as The Inquisitr reported on Aug. 26, Gotti made claims that Rino had slept with Aprea’s mother. Although both Aprea and her husband immediately denied the allegations, it caused quite the mess on the show after the rumor made its way through several cast members, Giudice and Manzo included.

Although Manzo didn’t feel Giudice did anything wrong, she was on board with her trying to make amends. “If you can let it go to make peace, why not?” Manzo wondered.

Manzo also addressed her and Giudice’s alleged feud in a number of messages to her fans on Twitter.

“Teresa and I don’t agree on everything but we would never go against each other don’t worry all is good!!” she wrote in another tweet. “I’ll take some heat because they cut out so much u can’t understand what really happened.”

After the rumor about Rina ran through the cast, Aprea claimed, via a prior report by The Inquisitr, that she was completely “disgusted” by Giudice’s part in the hurtful claim.

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