NYPD Officers Arrested In Gun Smuggling Ring

Five New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were arrested on Tuesday after a sting operation turned up a ring of smuggled firearms, stolen cigarettes and illegally obtained slot machines.

The five men have been charged along with seven other people during an unsealed complaint in Manhattan court. Among the other defendants are three retired NYPD officers and one New Jersey corrections officer.

The FBI-NYPD investigation began in 2009 after an informant tipped off authorities that an NYPD officer began asking questions about trading in stolen goods.

An undercover police officer and the informant soon began providing the defendants with stolen cigarettes and other goods they said were obtained form out of state.

As the investigation moved forward the NYPD officers soon made arrangements to transport 20 weapons from New Jersey to New York, renting mini-vans to move the goods. According to court filings the men attempted to smuggle three automatic rifles, a shotgun and 16 handguns, “the majority of which had obliterated or altered serial numbers.”

The arrests come at a time when the New York Police Department has been accused of framing people to meet quotas while one officer was recently charged with extortion and using racial slurs against black people.

Are you surprised to learn that some of New York’s men in blue are responsible for moving deadly weapons and stolen goods across state lines?