Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson: Will Dad, Willie, Approve Her Latest Costume On ‘DWTS?’

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty has quickly become not only a top contender on Dancing With The Stars, but a fan favorite as well. Her biggest fan, however, is her dad, Willie Robertson, who is Sadie’s “go to” man for approval on all her costumes designs.

Sadie is a beautiful 17-year-old young lady, who is strong in her faith, as is her conservative Christian family. Fans have found Sadie to be refreshing in that regard. So, even while she is getting great reviews from the judges, without having had any dancing experience, Sadie relies on her dad to keep her feet to the fire and uphold her best interests, according to Christian Post.

Even if Willie is across the country, he will video chat with his daughter, Sadie, to either approve or veto her costumes. So far, only a few have been vetoed, and his opinions are exactly what one might expect…one of most likely any protective father of his teenage daughter.

“That is not a dress, that is a dish towel!”

It is not yet known what his opinion is of the dress Sadie will be wearing on tonight’s episode of DWTS. As Sadie dances the Charleston with her new partner for this week, Derek Hough, she will be sporting a fringed mini-dress, which is a little more risqué than in weeks past. But according to E!Entertainment, Sadie loves the costume.


“I love all the fringe It’s going to be so much fun to dance in. The wardrobe team is amazing! They somehow outdo themselves every week!”

Sadie’s former pro dance partner, Mark Ballas, told The Hollywood Reporter that he supports the Robertson’s family stance on protecting Sadie and guiding her in regards to costumes.

“I like to keep things a little bit more about the dancing. Make it sassy, make it fun, make it cute and sexy at times, but with Sadie it’s going to be very appropriate and it’s always going to be comfortable. That’s my bottom-line rule.”

Feedback from fans on Twitter agree and love Sadie’s more conservative costume choices. One Twitter user said, “Sadie is just pure class, the Kardashians could only pray one day to be all class like Sadie. You go Sadie.”

Before Sadie Robertson made the decision to be a part of DWTS, she had lengthy conversations with and gained great advice from a former DWTS contestant, Candace Cameron Bure. Just like Sadie, Candace is also a strong Christian, and according to USA Today, struggled with not wanting to come across too sexy.

“She (Candace) said to have fun and be yourself. I don’t think it’s going to come across as sexy. I’m going to go more for the cute look. I’m going to make it as classy as we can.”

[Photo Credit: DWTS]