CDC Urges Boys To Receive HPV Vaccine

James Johnson

A Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) committee voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday for the recommendation that boys as well as girls now receive the HPV vaccine. Twelve panel members votes to recommend the vaccine while one member abstained.

According to the agency the vaccine can help prevent against a strain of HPV which can cause certain types of cancers on the penis and rectum in males. The agency also points out that the vaccine can help prevent boys from transmitting the virus to other people during sexual intercourse.

CDC recommendations allow for boys as early as 9 years old to receive the vaccination.

The announcement comes five full years after the FDA approved HPV Vaccine Gardasil and two full years after Cervarix was approved for use in males however the drugs have not yet been marketed towards male users.

The push by the CDC comes after recent reports show that a significant number of females are not receiving the vaccination and doctors hope that by offering the immunization to both sexes they can "reduce the transmission back and forth" according to one CDC adviser.

The vaccination in females is typically administered up until the age of 26, the same guidelines are being followed for males interested in obtaining the vaccine.

HPV is a widespread problem and the number one STD with nearly 50% of all males and females contracting HPV during their lifetime.

Do you plan to vaccinate your children from HPV?