President Obama 'Doomsday' Scenario Warning Doesn't Involve Ebola

Tara Dodrill

President Barack Obama warned a fundraiser full of wealthy Democrats about a looming doomsday scenario. The potential disaster has nothing to do with an Ebola pandemic, as the president assured the donors that the deadly virus would not spread in America -- several days before it actually did. In fact, a Dallas nurse was diagnosed with Ebola over the weekend.

However, a cyber-attack of untold proportion could cripple the economy and at least curtail life as we know if in the United States, according to President Obama.

Doomsday warnings are not typical for President Obama, but he may now have at least one thing in common with the approximate five million "preppers" in America. Concerns about cyber security have long been voiced by both former government officials and by preppers who follow power grid fragility issues intently. Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated that a cyber-attack was a matter of "when" not "if" during a press gathering shortly after leaving office.

During a New York City fundraising stop, President Obama told the celebrities and wealthy business owners that the White House is "bracing for a possible doomsday scenario" if cyber hackers are able to gain access to business and government computer systems. During the same Democratic fundraising stop, the president appeared to downplay the Ebola outbreak in American threat. He reportedly cited the medical infrastructure in the United States as the primary reason the virus has not spread here like it has in West Africa. President Obama could choose to enact travel restrictions from the Ebola zone, but has opted against such an order thus far.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mensa member and renowned emergency medicine keynote speaker Dr. Joe Alton said the CDC should stop "playing politics" and restrict travel from the Ebola zone now in order to protect Americans.

An unidentified attendee at the fundraiser said, "The president is worried that cyber criminals could literally wipe out the identities of millions of people through some breach of government systems and that could lead to massive chaos. He said 15 years ago, cyber terrorism wasn't even on the radar screen, but that it will be one the biggest concerns for whoever is president after him."

During a meeting while with New York City former Intrepid Museum President Bill White, President Obama allegedly said that it would take "Bonnie and Clyde a thousand years to do what three people in a room with a server can now do." The president also allegedly said that such a trio of hackers could "steal $100 million" in a fairly short time and could possibly "take down the banking system" in one day.

The president's comments during the NYC fundraiser nearly coincided with JPMorgan disclosing a significant cyber-attack had occurred, and the culprits were able to obtain the addresses and names of 76 million customer households.

Do you think cyber-attacks could take down the power grid or cause an economic collapse in America?

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